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Toe Nail Cutting & Filing

As we grow older, something as simple as cutting their own toenails can become much harder, and sometimes impossible. This is something that can be done for you, as part of the overall footcare we provide. Keeping toenails trimmed and tidy will help avoid general discomfort and mobility.


Thickened Nails

Often resulting from trauma which can lead to the nail growing thick and sometimes distorted manner. This leads to the nail being difficult to trim safely by an individual. Regular thick nail reduction by a Chiropodist/Podiatrist results in the toes being more comfortable in covered footwear. Regular treatment also reduces the risk of the nail bed under the nail breaking down from the weight and pressure of excessively thick nails. The cosmetic appearance of the nail toe is visually improved.



Corns are very concentrated areas of hard skin, they occur on the tops and tips of toes, in between toes and on the bottom of feet. Similar with callus if the corns receive too much pressure the soft skin underneath is at risk of breaking down.


Curved Toenails

Curved nails can be hereditary and worsen over time. The nail squeeze and pinch the skin at the sides causing uncomfortable painful feelings. Sometimes these nails are referred to as mildly ingrowing or involuted. If enough pressure occurs the toe can become inflamed or infection can occur if the skin folds have broken down the pressure.


Callus / Hard Skin

When your feet feel the pressure, callus (hard skin) will be produced. This can be painful with a smarting sensation. Excessive pressure can sometimes lead to the vunerable soft skin underneath the callus breaking down.


Cracked Heels

Pressure on this area of the foot and lack of moisture to the skin on the heels can lead to the inability of the skin to stretch in a supple elastic manner.
Regular callus, corns and cracked heel reduction by a Chriropodist/Podiatrist can improve comfort, reduce the risk of skin breakdown and help restore a more normal healthy skin appearance.


Fungal Nails

One or more toenails can be affected, trauma to the nail and athletes foot can make it more susceptible to developing. This is a very common nail condition and the nail can have a variety of appearances. This is generally a visual cosmetic annoyance but can sometimes lead to increased chances of bacterial infections in surrounding skin and ingrowing toenails.


Ingrown Toe Nail

An ingrown toenail is a common problem where the nail grows into the toe. It usually occurs on the big toe but can be on any toe. Your toe may appear red and swollen.


Diabetic Foot Assessment

If you have diabetes, it means you are much likely to develop problems with your feet. It is advisable to have a foot check once a year and discuss any concerns with a specialist. Prevention is always better than cure.

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